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Quick Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, its such a special day in your lives and it needs to be just perfect. With so many different ideas, what is right for you may not be for another couple.

I’ve wrote out some top tips on what to look out for when planning your special day. The main part to all of this is to try and relax, planning your special day should be good fun!

Getting Family Involved

Wedding planning can be hard work doing it all alone, so its sometimes a great idea to get the family involved even if you don’t think its a good idea at the time. It makes them feel involved in planning your day. Even if you just give them little tasks such as sorting chair covers, or centre pieces. While you can still monitor to see they are doing exactly what you want them todo, it’s 1 less thing to worry about.

Make Sure You Shop Around

Shopping around for different venues and suppliers is a must! Not only from a cost point of view, but also to ensure that it is just perfect for you. There is nothing worse than hiring someone for your special day who is going to ruin it for you.

The Date

Sometimes getting married on a specific date can be more expensive than others. So check with a few different suppliers to see what costs may be on another day. Midweek weddings can potentially save you thousands of pounds.

So, is that Saturday in august really that important to you?

Your Guests

As your probably aware, the price starts to add up when your counting the numbers. Well now is the time to think really hard who you want to at your Wedding Reception…. If you haven’t seen your mate dave in 15 years, is he really that important to you that you want him to sit on table 3 with your aunty? or can you just invite him to the evening reception.

People who are already married will totally understand your choices in who gets invited to the day or night recaption.

So its time to be ruthless and only invite people who you really want to be there. It may even be a great idea to split the numbers between you and your partner and allocate each equal numbers. It will save any arguments.

Last Minute Panic

You will be surprised the amount of people who leave things too late, good suppliers are booked 12 months even 24 months in advance, so its never too early to start planning and booking things in for your Wedding as soon as your engaged. Don’t leave it too late.

Getting the Right Entertainment

If you’re struggling to find good quality entertainment for your wedding in Yorkshire or Doncaster, then why don’t you consider out professional close-up magician services? You’re planning the most special day of your life, so you want it to be perfect. Hiring a table magician to look after the entertainment side of things is fast becoming a trend, and for good reason.

Get in touch today to learn how we can make your special day more memorable with our wedding magician services from a local Yorkshire Magician!