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2 weeks ago

Jordan OGrady Magician

In any trade, there is always a company out there who is willing to do it that bit cheaper. On the face of it, that might seem like a deal. However, there’s usually a reason it’s cheaper and that’s usually down to the lack of quality service, cheap products and cutting corners. When it’s the one most remembered day of your life, it’s worth stopping to think whether it’s worth spending that few extra quid to make sure you get someone who’s easy to deal with, responsive and values only the best products. We’re proud to work alongside other suppliers like Sparkle n shine weddings, Jordan OGrady Magician and Holiday Inn Barnsley who all pride themselves on reviews that demonstrate why they’re worth every penny to book them. If you want to make sure your wedding planning is as easy as possible, look at the reviews and take the time to talk/meet with the people who run the companies before you part with your hard-earned cash. It may just be the best thing you do! 🌟 ... See MoreSee Less

These lot have just been amazing. What a lovely bunch of people. #Magician @blacksmithsclayworth ... See MoreSee Less