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Yorkshire Magician | Jordan O’Grady wedding magician in Doncaster

Quick Wedding Tips

Posted by aaron on 30th November 2017
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Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, its such a special day in your lives and it needs to be just perfect. With so many different ideas, what is right for you may not be for another couple. I’ve wrote out some top tips on what to look out for when planning your special day. The main part to all of this is to try and relax, planning your special day should be good
Yorkshire Wedding Magician Jordan O'Grady entertaining guests with close up magic
Yorkshire, as some of us like to call it, ‘God’s country’ is as we all know an amazing place and the very beating heart of England. Towns and Cities such as Leeds, Doncaster and Sheffield are true gems in the United Kingdom’s largest county. If you’re thinking about getting married but unsure where, keep on reading to find out why getting married in Yorkshire should be your first choice… 1. The Landscape Across the globe,
Yorkshire Magician | Jordan O’Grady wedding magician in Doncaster
Welcome to my new timeline of events where I will be keeping you updated on the corporate events, weddings and trade shows I have had the honour of performing and showcasing my mesmerizing tricks. Along the way, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied and gobsmacked guests who have been blown away by the calibre of service I provide. Let’s talk to see how I can help add a new dimension to your upcoming
Yorkshire Magician | Jordan O’Grady wedding magician in Doncaster
Welcome to new look jordanogrady.co.uk! It’s been an exciting year for Jordan O’Grady. As well as having some exciting new developments planned for reveal very soon, we’re very pleased to be celebrating the launch of our brand new website and logo. Since you’ve landed on our timeline & blog you won’t have failed to notice some pretty big changes around here. A little out of date and confined to just a few pages, our old